Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just an update...

Still working on my next piece. Just when I thought I was finished with transformers I have 3 in the works :)

Forest battle Optimus (I think my best TF work yet)

Ultra Magnus -Movie version

Supreme Class Devastator V.2

Then back to Hot Toys. Dillon will be going up for sell soon as well as a custom Billy. Pics coming soon on him.

Then Dutch the final battle version and the Warrior version.

And lastly on the Hot Toys plate is War Machine! (teased below)

Keep creating!


Rashain11 said...

can we send thing into you to customize cause no one can custom things like you

CREG Customs said...

Hello, Thank you and yes I do customs for people with their own figures. Just email me at info@cregcustoms to learn more.